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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Arizona’s New Law on Immigration: Harrah!

Arizona’s New Law on Immigration: Harrah!

Well, all I can say is it’s about time a state takes the courage and puts the law into effect where the Federal Government will not, instead of playing games and trying to appease the illegal immigrant—the criminal. The words to this immigration issue have all been said before but I guess they got to be repeated. It’s easy for Shakira to say what she says, that we should overlook the illegal issues (and in essence, that is what she is really saying), and not profile them, she’s legal, thus, no problem. And the folks that get stopped to be checked for proper entry cards are not legal inmost cases, what’s the problem, you got to carry your license and SSAN card around, so why not your green card, or whatever. Shakira is just trying to justify the unjustifiable. When I travel I obey the laws, and carry my passport—no problem, and obey the other county’s laws, and that’s called regard and respect. And these Mexicans are not in any danger, so the statement on the Statue of Liberty does not apply to them, they are not destitute, or in harms way. And they take jobs away from everyone, in a time America needs their own people working, not some other country's, whom will drain America dry, and go home with all the money they made, and have never paid a penny in taxes, and laugh all the way.
These people are invaders--nothing less, my grandfather came over to America in 1916, legal, and had to fight in WWI, to become a citizen, or be shipped back. Now the Mexican comes across the boarder and says “I want my rights!” And Shakira says “We’re profiling everyone,” but no one’s complaining but the illegal and folks like Shakira, who never went to war or had to fight a day for the soil of America, just drain her juices. I went to Vietnam, I had two uncles in WWII, one died one a POW, and my son went to Bosnia, and my uncle to the Korean War, and how about Shakira and her Mexican family? What have they done for America? Nothing I would expect, if they have, then I apologize for this last statement--but I think I'm more right than wrong.
These illegal Mexicans don’t even pay taxes (most of the time), turn the music up so their folks in Mexico can hear it, and parade down the American street with Mexican flags, and throw trash all over the place, and that goes for most of South American Countries that come over to the United States also--illegel, and the Cubans, they have no respect for their neighbours—as my mother used to say: if the shoe fits, put it on. That’s called a fact of life, not meant to be a racist or general statement for all, but I live in a South American Country half the time, and been to Mexico several times, and central America, and my home in Minnesota of which I never had a Mexican family that lived around me (and my wife is from Peru, and clean and one of those few that had to pay to get her green card the right way), now I got blaring music all night long, and I have to call the police on the weekends, and they park their cars in front of my house so my guests don’t have any parking space, and they don’t pay a lick of tax, they rent the whole house across the street, and party. In other words, they live different than North American’s and when they get ready to go back home they say: “Now we don’t have to put up will all this crap and laws (which they don’t anyways).” Their laws are worthless they know that, they have them, but nobody enforces them, and that is how they like it. In America they can’t bend the laws so they get folks to feel sorry for them, and try to change the laws.
Anyhow, I simply see Arizona does not want a little Mexico in their backyard, and I don’t blame them.
If you wait for Obama to do something about this, you’ll get old fast, I can’t think of a worse and unaware president than him at this moment.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Book of Interplanetary Life

The Book of Interplanetary Life

Part II

Introduction: In the book “The Books behind Methuselah” I have looked into may issues that have bothered me about man’s existence on earth, such as: the rise of man, his encounter with Giants, the Nephilim, and the Old Ones known as the Shinning Ones (or other aliens), and from the Bible and other sources I’ve also looked at personages, such as Adam, and Melchizedek, Darwin, Methuselah, God Himself, and Jesus, the foundation of the demonic world, Lucifer—or the Devil himself, and in particular, the Circle of Refaim as a location, meeting place for the Nephilim. I have gone back perhaps fifty-five million years looking at this overall picture, in the nine previous books within “The Book of Methuselah.”
One area, in this tenth book now added to the other nine, is “The Book of Interplanetary Life” (for the most part within the Milky Way). There are two questions here for the author to underline: “Has there ever been life, or beings on these planets, perhaps civilizations?” Second, is there any life at all on these planets now?
I want to look at science, archeology and with a twist of theological rhetoric…

Is there Life Beyond Earth?
(The short version)

The tapered point of view is this: yes, yes, to both questions. Perhaps there is life now even on such planets as Jupiter’s moon, Europa, within the liquid water under its icy ocean. Also water has been found on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. And as the old saying goes, where there is water, there is life.
Mars, scientists say: Mars once had life, because it once had water. Also, many Astrobiologists, within their studies, have proclaimed alien life once existed on Jumper’s moon Europa, or could have: because of the thick ice sheet on that moon, and under that ice, closer to its mantle, hypo-thermal vents could exist there, give life to such things as worms, living off the gases produced from the vents. So there are possibilities here.
How about our moon? My answer to my own question is why not? But what kind, Is the more rounded out question to be? On Earth, as recent as a few years ago, microbiologists have found some microbes two-miles under the surface of Earth and these have been converted into water; water being made up of two-hydrogen and one-oxygen particle. So now the scientist has been looking at planets like our moon, where water has not been found.

Meteorites, Microbial, and DNA-based

To my knowledge, there of course are no born moon folk, or people of that status on the moon, other than those we have sent to the moon, on the moon, in the sense of oxygen-breathing or multi-cellular organisms, that have lived on our planets within our solar system, and in particular Mars, but putting that aside for the moment, how about other forms of beings? I mean, creatures, beings with other or different biology or chemistry found on earth? Surely life forms have evolved outside of our solar system on other planets (microbial), and some maybe even transported across space to reach earth. I myself have part of a meteorite, fifty-thousand years old, who’s to say, something was not within that meteorite when it landed in Arizona, at what is now called Meteor Crater? It most likely sailed around our solar system for eons, and then simply landed here on earth one day. Bacteria is a great space traveler, they can withstand almost anything.

How about Icy Pluto? Where there is friction and movement, there is heat. If there is ice, and there is ice on Pluto, and if it can melt, and heat makes ice melt, there can be life.

How about the over heated planet Mercury? Most people would so most likely not, being too close to the sun. It would seem most hostile to life (700 Kelvin, or 430 degrees Celsius). On the dark side, it is well below Zero. With no, or nearly no atmosphere, and water, it would seem those ‘Most people’ are right!

On Mars and the Moon: perhaps in the Mariner Valley of Mars, which is as long as the United States from New York City to California, and as deep as the highest mountains in the world, and which might have been a source of drainage, or river at one time, life surly could have existed around this monstrous geological wonder.
But now on Mars with the machines we have sent there, we can boast of seeing three-hundred feet above its surface (and even down to eighty-one feet), seeing massive buildings, as if it might be of a military base of some kind, a Government cover-up, for the most part. When an object fell from one of Earth’s mechanical robots, giant spacecraft came out of hidden areas in the foreground, and circled this item, with in a twelve mile zone, or area, there was reported 1500-cases of UFO’s, and NASA, has footage on this I’ve seen. Along with footage on “T Shaped,” structures, and a Face (1998), which is most likely a landmark of some sort that the government has smudged up for us to look at for some odd reason, these are landing spacecraft, and hidden trees in other structures; also triangle shapes of buildings: a cover-up to a high degree, but why?

On another issue, the Moon has a base on its dark side, with images of tall buildings likewise, and towers, large structures a half mile in size, reflective surfaces, many photos of these have been smudged, again why?.

It is becoming common for astronauts to have witnessed objects while working out in space on the space shuttle or space station, denied but so very obvious. The only question remains in this area is when will NASA, or our government, acknowledge this publicly? Possible when it becomes most necessary, and when they know the public is acceptable, and not so fearful; or when they want to install fear; some of these aliens maybe friendly, others not so friendly. Some of these alien spacecraft have been measured at going 7000-mph, within our own atmosphere.

Who are the Aliens?
(Past and present)

What do the Aliens look like?

Agharians: Perhaps there is a great underground world, here on earth, thousands of years old, where aliens have lived. So it has been claimed; in some hollow area inside the Earth, one with a high degree of civilization, economic organization, as well as social and cultural. Such a people have been called the Agharians.

Alpha Draconis: a reptilian race for the most part; said to have plans of invading the earth when the time is right.



The Anakim (also referred to the 'Els', short for 'Elder Race' orsimply as the 'Giants' the a part of the Nephilim civilization)

Amoeba like creature: a disease carrying creatures found over the artic circle by NASA.

The Andromedans: who have been here with the other alien races on earth for nearly 6000-years; about 2000 of them, 18,000 others? From what I’ve heard, they’d prefer all aliens leave the Planet Earth, and let us humans sort things out for ourselves. It sounds like as if we can’t, and perhaps we can’t. But it seems they have some values here.

Historical Data: Have been within the space community for over three-million years, in the Constellation of Andromeda. Distance from earth that they crisscross—150 to 4,000-light years; Humanoid form of life, in appearance; Nordic-Caucasian. Can also be Asian looking, or oriental? There height ranges from 5.7 feet tall to 7 feet tall. Long fingers and long toes, women slightly shorter; there spacecraft ranges from fifty to sixty-five feet across, command ships are over 2500-feet in length. Some have called these, the gray demon of the Nephilim. They sinned against the birds and beasts of the world.
Draconian Gray: reptilian type, such skulls have been found in Canada, four fingers (there are many classification in this category or type of alien).
The Draconian Gray

Sumerians, from Kodesh to Ur (ancient cities of Iraq): Ancient Sumerians came to set up an advance civilization in the land of Iraq. Pictograph cuneiform writings (of which I have one) can confirm this writing existed, and so did they and they believe their ancestry was of that alien race.

Serpent of the Light

The Nephilim, Mythological and Biblically Speaking: I can see a patter developing here, and the truth of the matter is obvious we are not alone here on planet earth, and haven’t been for a very long time, and we may find this all out at what is referred to: the end of this age, which ends in 2012, so scriptures have indicated.
On another note, the Milky Way means “Serpent of Light,” in mythology, how it got that name I don’t know, but Lucifer the shadow of the Nephilim is that serpent. This is the serpent that eats its own tail. Now let be backtrack a moment, when I mean find out, I mean, openly find out, it will be pert near spelled out, someone is on their way. The old ones, the gods before Adam—the antichrist, all will appear, will be on our doorsteps, the Nephilm I have mentioned throughout this book, and other books, they are the ones who imparted humankind with its secret knowledge. Some people think on December 21, 2012, we will witness galactic events, I’m not all that reassured on this date, only that, the Army of the Nephilim have designs to return soon to earth, with or without its friends; one-way or another, possible with Lucifer, and surely the antichrist is already here doing his dirty deeds preparing the road out of Washington D.C. and Belgium, and perchance, every capitol in the world, if they do, the conspiracy NASA and other countries are harboring, will open up wide and end.

Time: Time and Space, equals space time, both are intergraded, they are not separate, light is transmitted as a partial, and much of the work believe it or not, is theological. God made a cryptogram of the universe, perhaps in the building of the Jewish Temple, Solomon’s Temple as it is often referred to, and we are or can be, God’s treasure hunters, if indeed we want to undo the riddle. The Jewish Book of Light, gives credence to this statement: creation created can be verified, by sacred Geometry, if one can unscramble the riddle of the Temple.

Written: 4-21-2010

The Cover Up and Threat
(Alien Integration of Earth)

Part II

A Threat: President Reagan feared a threat from outer space, why? What did he know that we don’t know? And George Adamski claimed to have visited Venus. General Douglas Macarthur said our next great war will be an interplanetary war. Scientist Hermann Oberth, father of modern rockery, said UFO’s are from outer space, and contact has already been established. General George Marshall said contact has been made, and UFO’s could wipe us out if they wished. Admiral Roscoe Hillencoater, first director of the CIA, acknowledged, the next step was up to the Aliens. Others who know about UFO’s and sought out studies in the area were: Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter, who said he saw one himself.

Indoctrination: Believe it or not we are being slowly leaked information; we are being programmed, by television programs, by books on aliens, programmed to accept this once phantom phenomena.
Had these phenomena been brought out as fact in the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s, surly our human cultures and institutions would have collapse, and caused chaos, but are we ready now?

Learning about their Presence: We all know Area 51, is an American Alien study area, and we all know 3500-pilots have voiced they’ve run into alien space craft, all documented. And perhaps the silence in this area is because the Aliens want to continue their abductions without any hindrance, as they have been doing. Therefore, they do not wish it to be public recognized as fact, and the Governments of the world, knowing they have no control over it, say nothing in fear the public would demand something, and why buy the cow if you can get the milk free.

These aliens, the tall and small gray’s as they are known out of the eleven species of Aliens known, have brought the Russian and American governments under constant threats, some are actually helping these two nations. Valiant Four, is a name of one of the aliens.

On May 20, 2012, and one June 6, 2012, and on 21 December, of 2012, strange things will be taking place right over our heads, be alert (perhaps the Beginning of World War III)

During Operation High Jump, Admiral Bird, and his armada, of ships and planes that went to Antarctica, between Dec 31, 1946 and January, 1947, took 70,000 photographs in mapping the continent, the planes spent 220 –hours in the air doing that, covering 22,700 miles. After the task was completed, Admiral Bird’s plane was missing for three-hours. He would explain later he was taken into a massive underground city, and spoke with aliens, who had expressed their concern that the Atom Bomb was used, and that in the past, they tried to stay out of the affairs of earthlings, but it would now be impossible. That in the near future, there would be a WWIII, and it would destroy much of the earth, and they would be available to help put back the cultures of the world.

Written. 4-22-2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Blood Lagoon of Taijin, Japan (Dolphines)

The Blood Lagoon of Taijin, Japan

Since 1980, now for thirty-years (2010), the fishermen of Taijin, have killed over 750,000-dolphines, within their lagoon. Indeed this is a lot of death, for a high concentrated sea creature full of mercury that is toxic to eat. Why on earth would a group of fishermen want to do that?
Here is an animal that can swim, forty-miles a day, in the open ocean, yet we keep cooped up in the likes of Sea World, as if they were prisoners of war, to put on shows for mankind, as they die right and left of stress—because of this so called entertainment gimmick. Yes, in many ways they are like humans, they get bleeding ulcers from stress of the high volume of noise their system has to endure, absorb.
They socialize, and they commit suicide by not taking a last breath when they’ve had enough of the constant expectations man puts upon them—when they have what we call a nervous breakdown, or chronic episode of depression.
The dolphin hunters of Taijin, they create a wall of sound around these sea creatures, surrounding them, driving them crazy, and into Taijin’s lagoon, and then blocking the lagoon, slaughter them like pigs. And then sell the meat to whomever will buy it, or mix it with other fish, and sell it (there has got to be a better way of making a living). They get about $600-dollars per dolphin, unless they can find a ‘Flipper,’ type dolphin, then they get the gold “$150,000” thus, bringing it on to Sea World.
It could be said, dolphins are mini whales. They have body language, and can read sign language; they are also self-aware, and can anticipate.

I wouldn’t be writing this article if mankind were starving to death, or if Japan had no other source of produce to sustain their livelihood, but when it comes to senseless killing, and when you fill the lagoon up with blood, you’ve got to be accountable to someone. Actually, feeding dolphin meat to anyone is damaging to their health, it can cause deformities, and has in many children; it can cause brain damage, sight impairments, hearing loss, and memory loss.
Have we all become so wicked we no longer have a conscious, or heart, or fear of God, that to rape the seas for no reason other than, a little profit, we will not be judged accordingly—think again. Amen.

Written: 4-20-2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barack Obama's: One World Government

Barack Obama’s: One World Government

(Update by Dlsiluk 4-2010)

I keep saying to myself, have said to myself for fifteen months this president will show something worthwhile sooner or later, but it just hasn’t happened. But let me tell you what I think, and I suppose this is my umpteenth message on the President.
I’ve noticed in 15-months, he’s played more gulf than President Bush played in eight-years. I’ve noticed with him he likes to smile a lot, when he feels everything is fine and dandy, when things are going his way, if things are not, the friendship fades quick, and he points the finger to ex presidents for his lack in leadership and stability or stabilizing the country, and he will push and push everyone aside to get his way even if it’s hindsight. He has more excuses than any president I’ve yet to listen to. He has let in more Islamic snakes in America, and now we are becoming a fear based society—I think he likes that. He is at odds with Fox News. He is no model of post-partisanship—as I said, friendly and deadly. He seeks a one world Government, and my guess is he’ll try to hand over our nuclear supply to the UN, so they can direct whom will be under the gun, shoot off the ugly heads of those who defy them: this is where we are headed folks.
Fifty Muslims activists now work on Capital Hill today, infiltrating into congress. The Serpent of Genesis is hard at work.
Soon the banking cartel will enslave mankind, as the United Nations becomes the nuclear watchdog over nations, and they will be the only ones that can push the buttons, America will be at their mercy. It’s called the new world order.
The New World Order will depopulate world growth, not increase it. The New Age is nothing more than what Communism was prior to it, a big hoax. And we have been sold out and we are being led by megalomaniacs. Sleep well tonight, while you can.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Letter to Huancayo

By, Poet Laureate, Rev., Dennis L. Siluk


It should be known that the salvation in Christ is no new news, but a thing that has been told to all old and young alike—in Godly conversations and in all news medias, schools and Churches as well, accordingly, as they have now been aware by the word of God of what is expected of them,
This poet, and writer of Jesus Christ to the strangers and citizens throughout Huancayo, the Mantaro Valley region and beyond,
Throughout the waking hours of this morning, though the sanctification of the Spirit, I felt I was instructed to write a letter to the City of Huancayo, instructed to follow the First Epistle of Peter ((as a guideline, no more than that)(in doing so, it should be understood, this is simply a message or a warning, not to be considered anything other than that, God is not inclined to add or subtract from His Biblical words, or in giving new prophecies—in the sense of those given in the Old and New Testaments, but it should not be misunderstood, or underestimated a forewarning, a premonition, is different, and it is what I received, and I believe in my heart and soul, God has not stopped giving such signs, or has stopped doing miracles)) —blessed be the Trinity who has shown mercy upon this naked city, and gives it living hope—this call unto the city’s inhabitants is to renew its inheritance, to once again become incorruptible and undefiled, and it His blessing to be, that is reserved in heaven for you,
That now is the true trial of your heart, and faith, this being to the Lord of Hosts, much more precious than of gold that parishes— For all are tried in fire, with fire and should they be found unto no praise, nor honor and glory of the words and commandments of the Lord, Jesus Christ, whom (if) He has not seen your love, if you be un-rejoiced with unspeakable criminal minds and full of pride: this is the end of your faith, even to your salvation of your souls, unto whom this is revealed, unto Huancayo, unto themselves, these things written, are to be ministered, which are now reported, and given to you, written into this letter—you are at the end of your grace, which will be taken away from you. Therefore be obedient as children, not going your own ways, according to your former lusts, greed, to be righteous in all manners, be holy for I am watching.
And if you do not show respect by your heart and actions, and call unto the Father without fear, with a vain conversation—you will not be received; being born again, not of corruptible thinking as you are now. The city shall wither like the grass, and the diseased bushes, but by keeping the word of the Lord, the city endured forever. And by this letter it is expressed unto you.

Exposure (And I was lead, and felt inspired from the Book of Revelation):

Greet one another with a fresh heart and a kiss of good will…

He that is unjust, he that is filthy, let him be, I come quickly and my rewards are with me, to give every man and woman, and child of reason, according to thy works.
Blessed are they that keep the commandments.

Last Words (And I was reminded, and lead to the book of Jonah):

…the people of the city and its surroundings (of Huancayo), it will be like in the days of Jonah (for this poet does not care to address the city, in particular), I will send out a Great Whale and winds likened unto the sea, a mighty tempest, and the city likened unto a ship will be broken, and the shipmasters (such as: the mayors, and leaders of the cities of the Mantaro Valley region, and beyond…) will cry for mercy, and some will curse the Lord God, but the latter will be worthless, and like Jonah inside the whale, God Almighty, will not spit out the evil back upon the good. And perhaps spare the cities.

A Personal Note: It would seem to me, many people will think this is some farce; this writer cannot give a message from God to us or an inspired point in a like manner. But let’s look at it a different way. The Pope feels he is giving to the people an inspired message from God at times, as well as the Bishop of Huancayo I would think, or perhaps the T.V. Evangelists, as well as the mayors of the region feel at times the same thing; as we know politicians of this region often do, they make the sigh of the cross in front of a mass of people, and pray in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary, and praise the Lord all the way to the bank, or to the construction company to get their free handout. In other words, no matter who is giving the message, and if it be in the name of the Lord, pray for decipherment, discernment and, as Christ said, “In those latter days, there will be many false prophets,” and so true that is. And remember, God often times uses the usable, and available… not always the most outspoken, or the person with the most artful voice; also look at the persons reputation, his or her standing, works, and how they act, not how good of an actor they are. I have noticed in Huancayo, the people have very short memories, make the person preaching, or working for you, or God, accountable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama Honored for Noble? (God Help us All)

After hearing Obama was honored for the Noble Peace Prize, my wife asked: “Is there something wrong out there in this world,” she hesitated for my answer, not hearing one, or getting one, then added “is the world wrong, or am I?” she said (after reading the news of Obama’s Nobel Prize, and I knew what she meant). “The world!” I answered.

I really don’t have to say this too loud, everyone out there kind of knows this, it’s about war and peace, (the war in Iraq, that Bush put a settlement to, and date onto, to officially stop it, not Obama) Yet Obama gets the prize, which he pretended to shock him, when he knew 17-days into office he was going to get it, not for what he done, but what he said he was going to do. We all know Obama has done nothing for peace, rather war.
I haven’t written about Obama for three months trying to see where he’s headed, and it looks to me as if he’s going in circles—or looking in the mirror too much. And if anyone ever buffaloed the public, it is he (Hitler once said: “…it is easier to fool the masses, than the few…” how right he was); Obama has done nothing for nobody but Obama. And in this last straw that I feel broke the camels back, is giving him the Nobel Prize for continuing Ex-president Bush’s policies.
It only makes the price look less than what it is suppose to be, meant to be. When someone got the Peace Prize, years ago—now perhaps decades ago, to include the peace prize and the prize for literature, they were outstanding, not stale as old bread.
I heard they had over 200-choices, for the peace prize, God help us all, if this is the best they can choose from. On the other hand, it looks as if the Nobel Committee would like to put a kind of grip on the president’s power; you know what I mean—one of those things that say “You owe us.” In essence, he took an award here that he knew nothing about, he’s never been in war, never been a soldier of any kind, and it shows—and he even admitted he didn’t deserve the prize, but he took it like a hawk stealing a chicken from a farmer’s chicken coop.
He will go down in history as the most manipulative president if not worthless in the history of the United States. And perhaps who has done the less for his country and the world at large. But he plays the game on ‘hope’ a good word to plant your seeds and hurry up and harvest the grain before people catch on.

This is the second time he took an award he never deserved. He took a Doctorate Degree from a Catholic University, for being pro abortion, which is honoring him for his beliefs; I can see it for being an outstanding President, but he hadn’t done anything to be outstanding. His record proves it.
This is perhaps in my book the weakest if not useless president we’ve had in 60-years. President Bush was criticized for his actions, and Obama is doing the same thing—if not worse, and is honored, how silly can the public be.
He’s left over 50,000 troops in Iraq, he’s sent 21,000 more troops to Afghanistan, he’s done nothing to stop Iran or North Korea in preventing nuclear proliferation, but a little talk therapy, which Bush done for eight-years, nothing new. If he’s done anything in the North Korean dilemma, he has done nothing, and that is called nowadays by the press, as something—silence, the media itself when it comes to Obama, is on that ‘hope list,’ I do believe.
Bush gave $600-dollars to each working American family in America, a rebate, Obama, gave $250, and it seemed by the look on his face, he took it out of his own pockets, sitting in his three-million dollar mansion—; remembering now, when he was running for president how he made fun of his opponent for having three houses; he just made a million, he can reconstruct a new garage, for his five cars (?), making it a four-million dollar home which it will be.
Obama gave away over 50-billion, to the rich, tax free (because of oversights within our system) another 50-billion for reconstruction of things that don’t need reconstruction, and new construction, throughout the United States that could have been used for better means—like propping the economy, what does the construction worker get per hour, vs. what does the homemaker get? And everyone overlooked what he gave away. We need to pay for the heat, the water bill, and the grocery bill, not building more roads, and parks, there is a time for that, but it is not now.
The dollar went up, because of ‘hope,’ throughout the world, the dollar is now going back down, and because of regret in the hope that was a farce.
Like it or not, we have to live with this President, I do hope for our sakes he does better in the long run, than he has in the short run (it might be wise if we all pray for him, to mend his ways) if not, all we are going to see is a man looking in a mirror, glorifying himself, from corner to corner for doing nothing.

Written as a true and concerned and decorated Vietnam Veteran for American, October 10, 2009

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fiesta de Gringos

(In, Costa Rica)

(By: CostaRicaHQ.com)

Every year on July 4th, there is a: ‘U.S. Citizen only Party,’ from 8 a.m.,-noon. It costs either $4-American dollars or 2,000-colones to get in. It also takes a U.S. passport.
Inside the fiesta area, everything is free. Beer is included (seems odd for a morning party, but be that as it may); to include such food items as: Pepsi, bottled water, coffee, hotdogs, popcorn, meat and cheese and bagels, cotton candy, massive sorts of sweetie substances for the kids, in particular for those who like to “fish” over a barrier with clothespins and tons of other food and drinks.
There are also lots of games for the kids. Younger kids can ride the carousel or bouncing bees; rides are free. There is also a jumping booth and a massive slide. Older kids can play soccer or volleyball on the spacious grounds. Lots of musical bands are playing everything, everywhere—within the fiesta area, from classic rock to square-dancing music.
At about 9: 00 a.m., there was a flag ceremony hosted by the U.S. Marines from the U.S. Embassy. After singing the United States National Anthem, we said the ‘Pledge of Allegiance,’ to the now risen flag. I actually cried. It had been a long time that I had said—and engaged in any kind of patriot activity with true Americans that believe in liberty, and the values of the true America that our founding fathers spilled their blood to give us.
The North American Democrats abroad in Costa Rica and the North American Republicans abroad in Costa Rica had booths to register voters. I stuck around to hear the chatter. As usual, both Democrats and Republicans in Costa Rica have such similar politics, it’s ridiculous. Of course Democrats and Republicans in the United States continue such similar politics, making it just as ridiculous… but the politics of Re-demo-public-rats in Costa Rica is the opposite of Re-demo-public-rats in the United States.
Most Americans abroad—in Costa Rica that is—are neither Republicans nor Democrats. They are libertarians, constitutionalists, anarchists or socialists. Don’t get too confused by the labels; many of those which seem to be opposites in the United States actually have the same values and beliefs here in Costa Rica. The anarchists and the socialists are both lovers of liberty here and value what the original American was founded to protect.
The U.S. Ambassador showed up at about 10:30 a.m., with his family and bodyguard. He was verbally accosted by several people, one of whom spit at him. The consensus seemed to be that this was a party for true patriots and he represented the powers that are destroying America from both parties (from the near past, to the now present). Others thought he was treated unfairly and that it wasn’t his fault what was happening at home, back in America. Of course you can’t become an ambassador without being willing to represent the country that sends you.
He seemed like a pretty nice guy to me with a wonderful family. Of course I believe he chose to be what he represents, and what he represents are the policies of America, and therefore, is not responsible in the fullest, nor can place blame on how people respond to his arrangement to represent America in the best of light—to the fullest, and the policies of the United States in particular—; again I repeat, nor can he blame those who throw tomatoes and other such vegetables at his art (or skill?)—in persuasion efforts (figuratively speaking); I was glad he wasn’t there during the flag rising, had he been it may have destroyed the atmosphere of patriotism that abounded.
Tonight there will be fireworks at Intel. I don’t know if we’ll go or not. The kids generally can’t handle two major events in one day. I suspect there will also be fireworks throughout the central valley wherever gringos live (of course fireworks aren’t illegal here). Ticos may also get into the fun. They have been known to make excuses to have a party, in this still relatively free country.
I strongly recommend a visit to the ‘Fiesta de Gringos,’ if you are ever near, or in Costa Rica during the 4th of July; if you aren’t American but close… ((Like Canadian or of The United Kingdom) (England)), you can usually get an American to invite you as a guest.

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